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Have you recently gotten a citation from an officer at a traffic stop?  Or received a letter in the mail that a camera captured you allegedly breaking the law?  Your first instinct might be to just pay the ticket off and move on with your life.

Even the prospect of being pulled over by a police officer can be an unnerving experience, but the stakes are raised when you are facing a traffic violation.  You should never make the mistake of assuming that a traffic violation is a minor matter that will have no impact on your future.

The truth is that traffic violations can cause problems for your driving record, your insurance rates and may be a personal inconvenience in your life as you have to cope with the fines and attending any necessary court hearings.

Too many speeding tickets can lead to numerous problems with your license as it may even be suspended or revoked.

Many people simply make the mistake of receiving a traffic violation, paying it and moving on with their life.  However, paying this implies that you accept your guilt and are accepting the fine associated with it.

Traffic Violation Laws

Understand Your Rights

It may be in your best interests that you consult with an experienced traffic violations attorney prior to paying the fine, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of your rights and responsibilities. This allows you to make the most informed decisions about your future going forward so that you can feel confident about your choices.

Understand Your Rights

Having an initial phone consultation or in-person meeting with an experienced traffic violations attorney can tell you the full range of your options so that you can make the right choice for your needs at that individual time.

Woman lawyer sitting at desk working on legal case.

Preventing the negative implications associated with a traffic violation on your record should be your primary goal and meeting with an attorney who will give you the honest truth about your situation and advise you about the options you should consider is strongly recommended.

There is no doubt that traffic violations can have a bigger repercussion in your life than you might anticipate.

So getting help from someone you can trust is strongly recommended.

Consult with a Traffic Violations Lawyer

Learn Your Legal Rights