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 Although nearly 71% of Americans face at least one legal need in a year, most do not seek legal assistance, according to an American Bar Association study.

According to a 2011 Harris Interactive study, an employee benefit package with a legal plan can help an employee:

  • Limit the time taken off from work to deal with personal legal matters
  • Increase their personal confidence
  • Resolve legal issues they encounter
  • Obtain a more favorable outcome to their legal problems
  • Reduce symptoms associated with stress as a consequence of their legal issues
  • Save themselves both time and money

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Stress Impact

Employee Legal Plan
Employees who are faced with an ongoing or emergent legal issue may have additional stress and quickly become distracted from their job. They may feel overwhelmed with the process of trying to select an attorney and not feel sure about their next steps. This is why it is strongly recommended that employees have access to a prepaid legal service plan so that their questions and concerns can be answered promptly.  Request a Group Quote


With a network of more than 20,000 attorneys nationwide to choose from, the legwork is done for the employee so that they can select a qualified lawyer right in their area. Learn more


Some employees may avoid dealing with a legal issue at hand because they are not sure of the next steps to take or they are concerned about finding a qualified attorney who can help them.

Thankfully, offering a prepaid legal plan gives an alternative in this situation so that an employee can get his or her questions answered promptly and determine whether or not any further legal action is required.

Employees can utilize their legal plan benefits towards:

  • Divorce
  • Traffic Violations
  • Child Support & Custody
  • Bankruptcy
  • Adoption
  • Small Claims Court
  • Property Refinancing
  • Loss of Spouse or Parent
  • Legal Document Review
  • Debt Collection
  • Buying/Selling a Home
  • Foreclosure
  • Living Will & Trust
  • Tenant Rights
  • Consumer/Creditor Problems

During these difficult times for an employee, occasionally all it takes is getting a response from a qualified attorney to help point the individual in the right direction.

Speaking with an attorney on the phone or scheduling a free consultation with the attorney in person can illuminate the legal issues at hand and empower the employee to make an informed decision going forward.


The majority of legal issues that are faced by employees on an annual basis are those that can be addressed promptly and effectively with a phone consultation.

Obviously this has numerous benefits for the employee`s mental health focus at work and feelings of loyalty towards the employers.

Employee Legal Plans