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No matter whether your legal issue at hand is one that is complicated and ongoing or whether it is one that has emerged recently and has the potential to influence your life, there are numerous benefits to being able to reach out to a lawyer and get prompt answers as soon as possible.

An attorney can assist you with a consultation in person or a conversation over the phone.  It is strongly recommended that you ask a lawyer your pertinent questions in a timely fashion.

Phone Consultations

Speak with an actual lawyer on the phone to get legal advice. There is no limit to initial phone consultations for each new legal matter. Get your legal questions answered. Learn More

In-Person Consultations

A perk we offer is meeting directly with a lawyer face-to face to discuss your legal matter. There is no limit to initial face-to-face consultations for each new legal matter. Learn More

Document Review

Our lawyers can review independent legal documents (e.g. contracts, leases, etc.). There is no limit to the number of new independent documents that they will review. Learn More

Accurate Information

An experienced and practicing lawyer in your area can often give you a realistic expectation for your case and tell you more about what will be involved going forward. Determining whether or not the relevant legal elements are in your case and figuring out what you would need to do to move forward can help you make an educated decision about your own legal case.

Peace of Mind

There is no doubt that you have concerns about how a potential legal case could influence your future. You may all already be imagining the worst case scenario and remain unsure of how to proceed with your legal case. However, this does not have to be case. You can consult with a lawyer and get on the phone with him or her to have your questions answered promptly.

Appropriate Strategy

Even if you are handling an issue in small claims court on your own asking a lawyer about your case and what you can expect in this situation can give you a more accurate perspective about what will happen as your case unfolds. It can also help to ease your peace of mind as you likely have nerves, anxiety and fear about appearing on your own in small claims court.

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