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How do I respond to an eviction notice?

How soon you respond to an eviction notice is equally as important as your response. It can have a major impact on the overall outcome.  Failure to respond can all but certainly leave you without a home and in serious legal trouble.

US Census Bureau

"In a typical year, landlords file 3.7 million eviction cases."

Time is of the essence

How much time you have to respond to an eviction notice can vary by state. Your rights will depend when the notice of eviction was sent, when you received it and what the landlord’s claim is.

First, don’t panic.  While receiving an eviction notice can be scary, there are solutions.  Working with a real estate lawyer can help determine the appropriate options for your specific matter.

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Next, once you receive an eviction notice, it is critical to immediately consult with a lawyer.  You have legal rights.  Handling an eviction alone could be disastrous.  You could say the wrong thing or skip an important step.  The Personal Legal Plan includes both phone and in-person consultations.  A simple consultation can benefit you by laying out the best course of action.

Finally, you’ll want to put together a detailed time-line and begin compiling relevant documents.  An eviction notice and lease agreement can contain legal language that is difficult to interpret.  You’ll want to have an experienced lawyer review the notice and any documentation that you have.  Document review is an included benefit in our legal plans.

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