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Common Occurrences & Resolutions

This section is provided in order to introduce our members to some of the commonalties that exist with the legal system. Many of our members have never used the legal system and as such occurrences that are common to some are foreign to most. Below is a list of common occurrences and resolutions.

Remember that many problems experienced by our members are simply miscommunications between them and the attorney’s office. If you are unable to work a problem out on your own, we invite you to call Member Services for an immediate solution.

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Common Occurrences & Resolutions

This is a very common occurrence. Attorneys are often in deposition or court and as such they may not call back for 2-3 days. If you have an urgent matter that cannot wait 2-3 days, call Member Services for immediate intervention and/or reassignment.

This problem is generally a misunderstanding as a result of a new secretary answering the phone. In addition, many attorneys, like doctors, are part of several plans and as such they sometimes forget the names of all of them, or the fee structure involved. Simply call Member Services for immediate intervention and/or reassignment.

This is generally not a problem at all.  Members should understand that most legal care can be handled over the phone, by fax or e-mail.  If you need to visit the attorney, a one-hour drive to save thousands of dollars, once or twice a year is well worth it.

Unlike doctors, who must look at you for treatment, the same is not the case with attorneys.  If a local attorney is not available and is needed for a court matter, the Member Services staff will scout the area to recruit one. In the mean time, the member can call the attorney assigned for counseling and services.

Attorneys are often part of several plans and as such they confuse fee schedules.  First, make sure that you identify yourself as a Legal Club member.  If the fee schedule is still not followed, call us immediately so that we can intervene, re-educate the attorney and get things moving in the right direction.

If the attorney is not cooperative we will immediately re-assign you to another attorney.  Our Legal Department professionally manages our nationwide network of attorneys and every quarter “Professionalism Checks” are performed on all of our attorneys. This communication helps to maintain the attorney’s awareness of your exclusive fee schedule as a Legal Club member.

Unfortunately, attorneys can be abrasive.  This is not always true. but it does happen.  Realize that this aggressive and perhaps intimidating attitude may also play to your advantage if it comes time for that attorney to represent you in whatever capacity you require.

Accepting a case is left to the personal judgement of the attorney.  The attorney may determine that the case lacks merit in which case, they are truly trying to save the member the time and money of pursuing a potential losing case.

In addition, the attorney may be too occupied to give you the time and care you require.  In either situation, you should call Member Services and request another attorney.  You may use as many network attorneys as you like.  Results with the next attorney could differ.


Remember that the majority of perceived problems are usually miscommunications with the attorney’s office.   A call to Member Services can always solve this.  Follow the guidelines above and first try to solve any problems directly.  However, when in doubt or if your problem persists, call Customer Services at 1-800-305-6816, Monday through Friday 9:00am-8:00pm EST.

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