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Reduced Hourly Rate

Plan attorneys have contracted to charge 40% off their normal hourly rate, with a minimum of $125 per hour, for legal care beyond the free and discounted services.  Court costs, filing fees and time charged for travel to and from any courts are additional.


In the case of extended legal care, plan attorneys may ask you for a retainer.   Any retainer sought will be computed by multiplying the number of hours a plan attorney believes a case will take, by the appropriate discounted hourly plan rate.

For Example

10 hours x $125.00 = a retainer of $1,250.00. Any unused portion of the retainer will be returned to the member.

Member Benefit

When phone consultations, in-person consultations, and document review are unable to resolve a matter as desired, you may need to take it to the next level.  The Reduced Hourly Rate benefit can be an invaluable resource for someone in need of legal assistance.

This benefit offers individuals access to professional legal counsel at a significantly reduced cost compared to regular hourly rates.  Learn how this benefit can prove advantageous in different ways:


Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, and many people find it challenging to afford legal representation at standard hourly rates.  With the Reduced Hourly Rate benefit, individuals can access skilled attorneys at a more affordable cost, which can be crucial when dealing with legal matters that require ongoing attention.

Quality Legal Advice

Despite the reduced rate, the Plan attorneys still provide high-quality legal services.  These attorneys have a contractual agreement to offer their expertise and experience at a 40% discount off their regular hourly rate, ensuring clients receive competent and reliable legal guidance.


The benefit ensures flexibility by allowing individuals to seek legal care beyond the free and discounted services provided by the plan.  This can be particularly helpful for complex legal issues that demand more extensive attention, as clients can continue to receive expert assistance at a reduced cost.

Transparent Cost Structure

The benefit has a clear and straightforward cost structure, making it easier for individuals to plan and budget for their legal needs.  Clients will be charged at 40% off the standard hourly rate, but not less than $125 per hour, ensuring there are no unexpected surprises when it comes to billing.  Court costs, filing fees and time charged for travel to and from any courts are additional.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Some legal matters require ongoing representation and support, and the Reduced Hourly Rate benefit ensures that individuals have access to continuous assistance from knowledgeable attorneys without incurring excessive expenses.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that legal support is available at a reduced rate can offer peace of mind during challenging times.  Individuals facing legal issues can focus on resolving their matters with the confidence that they have access to affordable and competent legal advice.

Continuous Support at a Reduced Cost

The Reduced Hourly Rate benefit can be a game-changer for individuals seeking legal representation.  By providing affordable access to skilled attorneys, a transparent cost structure, and continuous support, this benefit can help alleviate the financial burden and ensure that individuals receive the legal care they need.  Whether it’s for personal or professional matters, having access to quality legal counsel at a reduced cost can make a significant difference in navigating legal challenges effectively.

Woman enrolling online for a prepaid legal plan.

Become a Member

Once you become a member, you can consult with a lawyer in your area or the area you need assistance with in addition to utilizing all the legal plan benefits.