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Free Simple Will

The Free Simple Will is offered as a membership benefit in the Personal Legal Plan and Comprehensive Legal Plan to assist individuals and families in having a last will and testament drafted. Our attorneys will prepare a Free Simple Will for you and your family, as well as update the Will annually for free.

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Nearly 70% of U.S. adults do not have a last will.

What is a Free Simple Will?

The Free Simple Will is a will distributing personal property and homestead, not involving trusts, specific bequests, real estate, tax matters, guardianships, living wills, health care proxies or partitions.

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Simple Will with Minor's Trust

An additional benefit included in the Personal Legal Plan and Comprehensive Legal Plan, is the Simple Will with Minor’s Trust that is offered at a deeply discounted rate. The discounted fee¹ includes the preparation of a Simple Will with a Minor’s Trust for the surviving minor children of the member.

This document will contain information related to minor children (specifically; name, date of birth, social security number), real estate, specific bequests, and information pertaining to the appointed guardian of the estate of the member.

¹This fee does not cover extensive information regarding retirement plans, investments and their tax treatment, other kinds of trusts, complex tax matters, or estate planning. Counsel for these additional areas of law will be provided to plan members under the reduced hourly rate benefit.

Does the Simple Will include guardianship designation for my children?

Yes.  If any of your children are minors, you may be able to designate a guardian to care for them in case of the death of both parents.  It is recommended that you obtain the consent of that person prior to designation.

Can I give something specific to someone?

Yes.  You can make a special or general bequest to a person or charitable organization.

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Will I be able to indicate how I wish to distribute my assets?

Yes.  You can indicate how you wish for your remaining assets to be distributed when you die with the following options:

Who can be my Personal Representative?

Your personal representative must be at least 18 and preferably live in your state of residence and preferably, but not necessarily, a blood relative.  If named and your spouse is named as your Personal Representative, also list an alternate choice.  If single, name a first and second choice.

What if my estate cannot be passed to one of my beneficiaries?

If your estate cannot be passed to your beneficiaries, your needs may require a more complex will or living trust.  In this instance you should use the phone consultation or in-person consultation benefit with the attorney to discuss your alternatives.

What would constitute a more complex will?

A more complex will may be necessary if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

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